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Why Should Oil and Filter be Changed Regulary

The key to maximizing your engine’s life is easy… frequent oil changes. The oil, along with the filter, should be changed every 3 months or every 20,000 to 25,000 km. A car with an older, less efficient engine will need more regular oil changes. Fuel economy may decrease, and the risk of engine failure increases with improper maintenance.

Furthermore, changing of oil and filter at regural durations will save and increase your engine’s lifespan. Oil is the blood of an engine, it reduces friction, offers lubrication, decreases wear, and cools down engine components. You ought to always test vehicle producer’s guidelines at the same time as going for fluid and oil change. Preserve your engine’s life with the aid of our oil and filter change deal packages. Please contact us for more information.

How does changing Oil Filter benefit your Vehicle

Oil filter is prevents dust from spreading in your engine. The oil filter is designed to clean the oil as it is pumped around the engine, preventing contaminated solid particles from being dispersed in the engine, which could cause damage. Oil filters should also be replaced at the time of any oil change.

A safe car, means a safe journey. Keep yours safe.

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