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At Luxury Auto Service Center, we take pride in quality work and service. All areas are equipped with state of the art collision repair equipment.

Our professionally trained and certified technicians handle all repairs to assure that industry standards, quality and customer satisfaction are at a high level. Repairing today’s high tech vehicles requires patience, precision and extensive knowledge.

We take pride in our dedicated technicians who possess a thorough understanding of today’s advanced repair technique. Our goal is nothing short of perfection.

Only factory specified parts and the highest quality paints are used. You can rest assured that your vehicle will be repaired correctly. And to a condition like new the first time.

Full Service includes:

  1. Engine oil and filter change
  2. Air filter change
  3. A/C filter change
  4. Fuel filter change
  5. Spark plug change
  6. Inspect and rotate tires, record thread depth, balancing, alignment and correct tire pressure.
  7. Lubrication service and top up all liquids.
  8. Cooling system inspection includes antifreeze protection level, hoses and clamps.
  9. Brake inspection, includes check of the pad thickness and condition of discs, fluid and lines.
  10. Function check, includes warning lamps, headlights, exterior lights, seat belts and windshield wiper and washer.
  11. Inspect and lubricate throttle linkage.
  12. Reset flexible service system encounter.
  13. Inspect front axle ball joints; check the steering play and power steering clutch; and rear differential levels.
  14. Inspect poly V-belt for condition.
  15. Inspect starting and charging system and service battery.
  16. Inspect climate control refrigerant.

Minor Service includes:

  1. Engine oil and filter change
  2. Air filter clean
  3. A/C filter clean
  4. Lubrication and top up of all liquids
  5. Reset flexible service system encounter.

A safe car, means a safe journey. Keep yours safe.

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