Mechanic Services

Oil & Filter Change

The key to maximizing your engine's life is easy… frequent oil changes. The oil, along with the filter, should be changed every 3 months or 3000 miles.

Brake Jobs

Keeping your brake system in tip-top shape should be your top priority. Brakes may need to be replaced when wheels make a high pitched screeching or grinding noise.

Engine Repair

Every automotive manufacturer has compiled a list of necessary maintenance that must be performed at certain mileage intervals and is designed to maximize your vehicles performance.

Engine Overhaul

We use genuine parts or parts equivalent in quality to the original equipment. We service each vehicle to the highest level of manufacturer's specification.

Transmission Service

We service both automatic and manual systems. The service includes changing the fuel and filters, lubricating the gears, shafts, and other components inside your car.

Full Service

Our professionally trained and certified technicians handle all repairs to assure that industry standards, quality and customer satisfaction are at a high level.

Electric Services

Automatic A/C Service

It is very important to maintain your air conditioning system: Fungi and bacteria can grow in car A/C systems and can cause allergic reaction such as hay-fever, running noses and itchy eyes.

Forty-point Service Check-up

Checking and repairing faults in fuel injections systems, engine management, anti-lock braking systems, safely related systems, comfort systems, infotainment systems..

Denting Services

Accident Repair

Major fender bender, car scratches, chips and ding repair, paint-less dent removal, as well as traditional dent removal for larger dents..

Chassis Repair

Our promise to you is your complete satisfaction with all of our chassis related repairs and services.

Painting Services

Polishing & Interior Waxing

Using high speed machine buff using top of the line Maguire's swirl and scratch remover and then the excellent Carnauba wax package.

Rim Painting

Painting and polishing rims, bringing them back to their original state. Also to remove and refit tires and re-balance your wheels.

Body Paint

Equipped with latest paint-matching tech, we will reestablish your car's unique look and feel by returning it to it's original paint.

A safe car, means a safe journey. Keep yours safe.

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